Whether you are an aspiring Opera singer, soloist, or choral singer, Maria Pellegrini can help you achieve your. musical goals.


Anyone can learn to sing with proper technique. Maria works with students to achieve vocal excellence by assessing strengths and weaknesses of her students.


With your introductory lesson Maria will be able to assess where your voice is  and suggest a plan to improve your technique, fix bad habits and improve overall vocal performance.


Do I have to be a soloist?

You don't have to be an aspiring opera singer to work with Maria. But you can benefit from her lifetime of singing. Maria is now expanding her studio to choral singers who wish to improve their techniques and become better ensemble singers.  Who knows you might even get the solo bug!


What does it take to work with Maria Pellegrini?

The answer is simple.  Commitment. Singing is hard work and regardless of your level, lessons are like training to be an athlete. It takes time to undo bad habits and raise the bar to become a better singer.


Is it intimidating to work

with Maria?

Maria cares about her students and puts her students at ease from day one.  Her excellent ear and understanding of the human voice will help you improve with each lesson. Her passion is to share her years of experience with her students.


Can I afford to work with Maria

Working with Maria is affordable.  Her hourly charge is $60 payable at the beginning of each month. Normal studio courtesy is appreciated. 24 hour notice to cancel a lesson.  Illness excepted.


I want to start working with Maria

The first step is to give her a call 613-798-1479 and arrange an introductory lesson. There will be a fee of $40 and together you will discuss your goals and do some vocal exercises to assess a baseline.

Book your introductory lesson today!




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